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Company Backgrounder

INERGY, a division of Company Plastic Omnium, is the leading tier one supplier of plastic fuel systems and emission reduction related fluids systems to car manufacturers. 
Headquartered in Levallois-Perret, France, it employs more than 6,000 people worldwide and operates 31 manufacturing facilities in 19 countries.
In 2013, INERGY delivered 18.1 million plastic tank systems, with sales of 2.0 billion Euros. One in every five light vehicles produced in the world is equipped by INERGY.
To support the global strategy of its customers, the car manufacturers, INERGY has established 6 Research and Development centers and 5 engineering offices in the main regions of the world.
This worldwide presence allows INERGY to meet all new industrial and engineering challenges. INERGY is able to anticipate, adapt and develop high technology solutions, taking into account economic constraints as well as existing and future emissions regulations.
Quality Control is part of INERGY’s business philosophy in the path to excellence. INERGY’s global Production System IPS is implemented in all factories and advanced manufacturing and supply sites. Based on the involvement of all associates, the INERGY Production System contributes to enhancing industrial performance levels, as well as safety and quality.
In addition to complying with ISO and TS standards, INERGY ensures ongoing quality control for plastic Fuel Systems manufactured in all factories around the world.
INERGY’s strategy is based on innovation, environmental protection and sustainable development – always working towards a better, cleaner world. 
There are multiple advantages in using plastic for the production of Fuel Systems.
The light weight of plastic fuel tanks contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions.
Plastic material enables to realize the most complex architectures and a high level of function and component integration. Plastic is lightweight and 100% recyclable, whether during the manufacturing process or at the end of the vehicle’s life.
The corrosion free quality of plastic ensures longer life, and its vapor management flexibility ensures overall cost optimization.
Plastic guarantees optimal safety for the end-user thanks to its excellent shock resistance.
With its mono- and multi-layer technologies, plastic complies with the most stringent local and global environmental standards of the world, including LEVII, JLEV and PZEV regulations.  
For INERGY, innovation is a state of mind and an essential factor in market competitiveness, leading its teams towards new heights of success.
INERGY’s research budget represents 1% of the company’s sales. In addition to responding to the challenge of environment-friendly vehicles, INERGY is dedicated to developing new optimized architectures and concepts.
Several of INERGY’s innovative solutions stand out in the battle for emissions reduction 
Diesel Emissions Reduction
Diesel engines demonstrate excellent performances in environment protection as their CO2 emission per kilometer is in average 20% lower than gasoline. However, their tailpipe emissions have to be drastically reduced especially in terms of particulates and NOx.
Most diesel vehicles today are equipped with particulate filters which must be periodically regenerated to avoid clogging and irreversible engine damage.
ADDIN is INERGY’s solution for Fuel Borne Catalyst (FBC) storage and distribution. The system is able to store and dose very concentrated FBC for Additive Diesel Particulate Filter regeneration.
Leveraging its know-how in onboard fuel storage and delivery, INERGY is also a pioneer in developing systems enabling onboard Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) for passenger cars. This technology presents the advantage of treating NOx in exhaust gas as well as improving CO2 performance. SCR requires the injection of a urea-based solution (such as AdBlue®) into the exhaust pipe.
DINOx, first generation of INERGY’s SCR solution, is a system which integrates all key functions into a plastic urea tank: filling, venting, heating devices, temperature and level measurements, quality sensors, and ensures also the functionalities of distribution and injection of the urea into the catalyst. DINOx has already been adopted by several manufacturers, with a first application on the Audi Q7, commercialized end of 2008.
Improving its SCR expertise, INERGY is now developing a second generation system, designed to be more compact and more economical.
PZEV Fuel System (Partial Zero Emission Vehicles)
California adopted one of the most stringent environmental regulations in the world which requires vehicles to reduce their hydrocarbon emission by a factor of ten, to fewer than 54 mg per vehicle per day – PZEV (Partial Zero Emission Vehicle).
INERGY decided to go one step further and offer a Fuel System that emits less than 20 mg of hydrocarbons per day: INFILM™. One of the many innovations developed to meet this challenge is the laser welding of a multilayer-film above the welded components, thereby creating an additional barrier to the permeation path of hydrocarbons. This technology is extremely competitive, since LEVII Fuel Systems (i.e. the majority of the North-American production) can be easily upgraded to PZEV requirements.
In 2006, INERGY started producing PZEV Fuel Systems with INFILM™ for major OEMs. Since this time, INERGY produced more than 360,000 PZEV fuel systems in the United States.
TSBM (Twin Sheet Blow Molding)
TSBM is the most advanced and cost-effective Fuel System production process available. By combining the advantages of thermoforming and blowmolding, TSBM allows Fuel Systems to be produced in a single stage, along with their various functional components.
The parison is cut in half when it comes out of the extrusion. A central core supporting the components (baffle, gauge, valves, jet pumps, lines, canister…) is inserted between the two halves before closing and sealing.
The result is a low-permeation system, because the vapors have nowhere to permeate from, that allows increased fuel system performances at a lower cost.
INERGY’s TSBM technology was commercialized for the first time on the BMW 7 Series end of 2008 and already received several Grand Prizes in International Plastics Designers and Transformers contests.  
Designing the Fuel System of the Future
As a proactive partner for Innovation, INERGY remains constantly attentive to sustainable mobility new trends.
INERGY commercializes specific solutions compliant with biofuels and already supplies South American car makers with these technologies.
Moreover, and since the future is beginning now, INERGY already equips several hybrid cars in the United States and is developing new technologies adapted to plug-in hybrid vehicles.
Within the Plastic Omnium community, INERGY's mission is to continuously reinforce its position as the leading global tier one supplier of Plastic Fuel Systems, focusing on reducing emissions by making vehicles lighter, developing emissions-control systems for diesel engines, and developing energy storage systems for hybrid vehicles.