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TSBM: everything is INside

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Jean-Bernard LEPAGE
Marketing Director

​Significant weight reduction
​Ability to vary the top and bottom thickness of the tank independently
TSBM stands for Twin Sheet Blow-Molding. This patented process from INERGY combines the components integration possibilities of half-shell processes with the advantages of standard blow-molding process.

With this new process, INERGY is able to reach new performance levels with regards to:

  • Permeation: inserting components inside the fuel tank allows reducing the number openings in the tank shell hence reducing permeation path opportunities
  • Useable volume: TSBM allows more freedom in the positioning of valves in most adequate location to reach higher useable capacity for a given space in the vehicle
  • Further integration possibilities: TSBM allows for the integration of larger components, thus being suitable for hybrid applications (TSBM offers an easy way to integrate internal reinforcements in all locations, or slosh noise devices like INBAFFLE)

While traditional plastic tank blow molding process requires multiple welding operations of externally mounted components, TSBM integrates components into the fuel tank during the blow molding process.

TSBM technology increases the system design flexibility and allows the integration of standard or specific components, in order to get optimized fuel functions, such as: ​

  • ​Large capacity components for enhanced fuel pump feeding,
  • Complex shape components for dynamic mechanical resistance and noise reduction,
  • Enhanced venting function with ideal components location in the tank,
  • Wide materials range available thanks to a unique component fixation technology patented by INERGY,
  • Combined functions for limited number of components, for cost and weight optimization

​TSBM process

During the polyethylene sheets extrusion, a central core is placed between the mold halves in order to fix, by welding or rivet snapping, the accessories required by the fuel functions. Components that can be attached to the central core include baffles, gauges, valves, jet pumps, lines, fuel modules, and canisters.



​In production since 2008 and awarded by several automotive and industrial organizations, TSBM meets the strictest emissions requirements while providing performance, weight and cost benefits.