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INSEAL, innovative filling concept with mechanical seal

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Jean-Bernard LEPAGE
Marketing Director

​INSEAL housing

INSEAL is the perfect solution for improving  refueling experience. This simple and innovative component provides outstanding  benefits for both car manufacturer  and vehicle owners.

INSEAL is a mechanical seal inserted inside of the filler pipe, combined with a specific venting architecture design that provides comfort and safety by improving the refueling quality of the fuel system: no more fuel spillage, “spit back” or premature shut off.

INSEAL is also an optimal solution for improving ORVR canister purge strategy for hybrid vehicles. A smaller canister and a smaller volume of hydrocarbons to be purged allow simplifying the definition of the purge strategy of the vehicle. By reducing the amount of hydrocarbons generated during refueling, carmakers can employ a less complex purge strategy coupled with a smaller carbon canister. A better purge strategy on the vehicle means cleaner exhaust gases and then cleaner mobility.

Thanks to INSEAL, the pressure undergone by the fuel tank shell is lower than with standard ORVR architecture. As a result the  amount of hydrocarbons pushed to the canister are reduced by 30%.


​The fuel flow through the filler pipe is less turbulent, avoiding risks of premature shut off.
The seal provides a smooth shutoff, at the end of refueling, by creating a vacuum in the filler head and therefore eliminates any risk of fuel “spit back” or overfill.
INSEAL is a complete solution that can be adapted to any fuel system architecture for a safe and clean refueling experience.

INSEAL is made of a specific rubber material that creates a perfect seal between the refueling nozzle and the filler head.

It cancels outside air entrainment into the filler pipe during the refueling process.